Baked? Steamed? Wrapped? Trashed? Beaten? Nuked?


How do you treat your new glove?

Breaking in your new glove is a whole different ball game today.

The ranges of treatment advice are as diverse as the gloves.  Are you sporting a $40 Wilson Showtime or a $400 Rawlings Gold Glove? First base mitt? Infield glove? Outfield glove? Catcher’s mitt? Left handed or right handed throw?

Today gloves are made more precisely then ever before.  Manufactures are continuously perfecting their products, the materials used and quick playability of the glove.  So, do you really need to “break-in” your new glove with methods other then playing catch?  Old habits die hard.

Let’s discuss some ways to potentially void your warranty.  Do you plan to put your $300 glove in the microwave? Better check for metal grommets or risk ruining your machine.  Putting it in a 350 degree oven? Even if it doesn’t smell burnt you are certain to hasten the deterioration of the glove. Dunking your glove in warm water while you ice your knee? Make sure the inside is properly dried to avoid compromising the lacing.  Placing it on a soft surface while you beat it with a bat? Sounds like fun…….I guess.

Wilson gloves recommends this novel approach:  wiping down your new glove with a hot washcloth then playing catch with a friend.  Do this for 5 days in a row then oil your glove.

So to summarize; put your glove on and go play ball.



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