Have you tried the AXE bat yet?


Did you hear the newest member of the Axe Bat family is All Star, Championship MVP George Springer?

Wait…what is an Axe Bat and why do I care?

The Baden Sports company created a bat handle designed for the way your hand grips the bat.  That improved grip is designed to enhance your bat speed and barrel control.  Specifically engineered for the biomechanics of a more natural swing.

In the woods of upstate New York a local woodworker, Bruce Leinert, had an epiphany while swinging his axe against a cedar tree. What a natural feel that axe handle had!  In 2009, after creating a prototype in his woood-shop,  Bruce presented his idea to Baden Sports.  Feeling like this concept fit perfectly with Baden’s mission to create products that improve the game for the player they acquired the rights to the Axe Bat.

After thousands of hours of careful study of the biomechanics of batting, procurement of the newest sports materials and countless tiny adjustments the modern Axe Bat was born.

Your Axe Bat is approved for play at all levels of baseball and softball.  Choose from a full selection of metal, composite and wood bats.

FishHawk Sporting Goods invites you to try the Axe Bat today.  Stop in our store and take some swings in the batting cage.  If you are obsessed with performance be prepared to be impressed.

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