“Growing Up In Baseball”, a great book for all baseball lovers everywhere.



“At every level, the basics are taught.  The coaches get down in the grass with the Small Fry, showing them how it all works, taking them step-by-step through the basics of the game, holding the ball, throwing the ball, catching the ball.” –Harry Connolly, author.

“When I think back to my little league days I visualize how special the game was when I first discovered it , the feeling it gave me on my early success.  There is an old saying in baseball when things aren’t going well –‘ you must return to the basics’– the simplicity of hitting, throwing and fielding. –Cal Ripken, Jr.

Kid’s baseball is a special time and place for kids all over America.  On baseball diamonds behind schools in the middle of cities, and in suburban parks all over the country boys and girls from all walks of life meet to play the nation’s favorite sport.

“Heading Home, Growing Up In Baseball”  1995, Rizzoli International Publications, Inc. New York, New York , St. Martin’s Press 

A beautiful book with photographs that will take you back to the little leagues of your youth.  A great gift idea for your favorite coach or baseball fan.  Currently out of stock and found only with specialty book sellers.  Worth looking for however, this gem will add a special nostalgic feel to your baseball collection.



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